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Creating a Wholesale Business - Pros & Cons

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

These days there's high demand for people interested in creating their own business and becoming their own boss and the number of people working from home in the United States is growing rapidly and more are deciding to take their skills elsewhere by starting their own business. There is no better time to start making your own money. In this article, we'll discuss what to except along the road to success of wholesale/drop shipping eCommerce with a list of pros and cons to being your own boss.

Success doesn't happen overnight

It's important to understand that building a business takes time. You most likely won't see sales tomorrow, but with the right tools and training, we can get you making your first dollar quite soon.

However, you will be tasked with hard work, determination, and a lot of creativity to make a splash in a crowded consumerist world. It's normal to get part way through your project and think "Am I in over my head on this?!". You're not! you got this. So be sure to keep your mind in the sky and stay positive. Your day to shine is on the horizon!



Work on your own schedule - When you become your own employer, you are your own boss. Your work strategies benefit you, and you follow only your own rules. These reasons alone drive Entrepreneurs to eCommerce for freedom and isolation from the everyday work life.

Low overhead costs - The beauty of the internet is you can do anything for cheap these days. With SellerFly resources and a Shopify store, you can create your own business for around $30 a month and it will only take you about 15 minutes to setup. That includes product resources, hosting, an SSL, and a powerful eCommerce platform to design your business.

Discover your talents - Let your creativity loose and put your ideas to work by designing a brand you've always imagined. In the process you'll discover your skills (like writing slogans or product descriptions) and how you can hone your abilities for future projects.

Success is motivating - You may find it pointless to go the extra mile working for an employer since you collect the same paycheck every month. But working harder on your business multiples your chances of bringing in more money. When you start to see customers making purchases your confidence will grow as well as your work ethic. Entrepreneurship will mold you into a harder worker.


Lack of credibility - The most difficult task with starting a company is gaining trust from your customers. It will build in time, but you will be viewed as questionable during at least your first 6-12 months of operation until you gain a positive reputation online.

You're 100% responsible...for everything - Let's just say you're going to wear a lot of hats around here. You're Sales, Web Design, Buyer Retention, Customer Service, and everything else under the sun. You don't have to of course, but outsourcing everything can be costly.

Success and income is not guaranteed - Normally, you go to work, put in your time and get paid at the end of the pay-period. That is not a thing for entrepreneurs. You'll need to work your pants off and provide a valuable service. Expect low profits if any in the very beginning.

Work/Life balance - When you're employed by another company you get to clock off, go home at 5pm and relax. Running your own business doesn't tend to have these luxuries. If your business is a hit and your sales are taking off, you might find yourself working 12 hour days and weekends depending on your responsibilities and the products or services you offer.

The money is not steady - The surge of income is determined by your effort and other external factors like product trends and organic traffic. This means some months will have great returns and some will not. This can be troubling to schedule out monthly payments and bills when you don't know what your finances will look like in the coming weeks.

With the right mindset and business plan, everyday people have proven you can turn an idea into a full time money-making machine.


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