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Learn About SellerFly

Find out how we got started, what we offer, and how SellerFly takes the stress out of product inventory for Entrepreneurs just like you!

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What we do

Since 2012, SellerFly has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, small-business, and marketplace storefront owners sell millions of products across numerous platforms.

SellerFly was designed to give you the tools you need to find in-demand products for your start-up or already extensive product line.

The SellerFly database is a directory service offering information to hundreds of verified wholesalers, drop shippers, manufactures, and liquidators. With SellerFly, you can find nearly anything you're interested in selling with a detailed gallery of verified suppliers.

Janet S. - LuLu Clothing

Valuable resources at a very reasonable price

Professional connections are what every business or individual needs to grow their company. SellerFly provides exactly that.

How we got started

If you've ever searched for "Wholesale Suppliers" or a similar keyword on Google, you will uncover thousands of websites queried in the results. How do you know where to start with this information and what companies and websites are legitimate? The true answer to this question is a grueling amount of hours of research and due diligence. Time that most people who run a small business don't have.


There's got to be a better option, right?


This is the question we asked ourselves and the problem we set out to resolve. Our goal in 2012 was to compile and manage a directory listing of real, quality wholesale suppliers in one, easy to access database. A directory complete with product pictures, descriptions, company information, security details, and more. 


Our team of experts are tasked with long days analyzing and investigating wholesale websites. Selecting only the best companies that exist around the world and weeding out fraud risks and scams. In the end what we present to you is a detailed database of honest, legitimate, professional suppliers that offer authentic wholesale products and prices.

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